“Public Isolation Booth” out now!

It has finally happened! Public Isolation Booth, our first self-released album is available on Bandcamp, in digital version as well as (limited supply) Digipak CD edition.

Get it here: https://waywardbound.bandcamp.com/releases

In the next few days, the album will also be available on most online platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Play, etc).

I couldn’t be more excited. Let us know what you think!


– David

Wayward Bound - Public Isolation Booth (cd cover)

“Public Isolation Booth” track list:

1. Bokeh
2. Like Lingering Ghosts
3. Oceans of Liquid Diamond
4. All Ball
5. Pseudocoprolites
6. Abandoned Passenger Car on Tracks Overgrown
7. Desert Ghost Ships