“Public Isolation Booth”: Debut demo album coming (very) soon!



Great news! We’re proud to announce “Public Isolation Booth”, our debut demo album, will be unleashed upon the world soon, available in both digital and limited CD version! The songs previously available on SoundCloud as test recordings have been completely rerecorded along with a new track “Pseudocoprolites”. The amazing artwork that you can see below was drawn by satirical artist & cartoonist  Eliza Pepermans, with cd cover design by Jan Vantomme.
Wayward Bound - Public Isolation Booth (cd cover)Track list:

  1. Bokeh
  2. Like Lingering Ghosts
  3. Oceans of Liquid Diamond
  4. All Ball
  5. Pseudocoprolites
  6. Abandoned Passenger Car on Tracks Overgrown
  7. Desert Ghost Ships

More release details to follow when available!